How we work

Direct approach

When you choose Just Write, you’ll deal directly with the writer working on your project. We don’t have account managers to liaise between you and the writer. So your message won’t get diluted or distorted in the briefing process.

Your brief can include as much or as little detail as you like. We are happy to gather information, research topics and interview specialists to get all the facts, figures and opinions you need.

Writing, rewriting, editing

At times we work very much like journalists, researching and writing stories for in-house or external magazines. Or we can wade through detailed reports to extract the killer facts that will set your product or service apart. We can also edit and rewrite documents written by you or your colleagues and turn them into attention-grabbing communications.

We’ll do it your way

Where and how we work is up to you. Following a brief, which can be face-to-face, by phone or email, we agree a delivery date and cost – and get on with drafting your copy. Some clients like us to work in-house with their design teams to develop concepts and communications collaboratively. We’ve even been called in to provide full-time cover when a client’s own copywriter is on holiday. It’s all fine with us – we’re happy to work in whatever way suits you.

So whether you need a 20-page magazine, a 100-word advert, a ten-minute video script or a 200-page website – you can trust Just Write to deliver all the words you need.

Where we are

While Just Write is based in York, our clients are spread across the country. York is a perfect central location, with London and Edinburgh just two hours away by train. We’re always happy to come to you, wherever you are.

How we charge

Our initial discussion about your requirements and first briefing session are free of charge.

Once we have a full understanding of your requirements, we’ll provide a quote before we start any writing. This price will cover the first full draft of the required copy, plus all necessary research, interviewing and travel.

Please contact us for full details of our rates.


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